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Main Library Service Desk: Dashboard


General Assignment Classrooms

University Classrooms provides a searchable webpage for staff to share with users to locate classroom information on campus. If you are unable to determine the information from this webpage, ask a staff member to access Sharepoint for the Main Library Conference Rooms and Classroom Schedule

Are you looking for information on Main Library Study Spaces or How to Reserve a Group Space Using Your Office 365 Account.

Main Lib General Assignment Classrooms Schedules

Astra schedule is the software used to reserve general purpose and departmental classroom space for events and courses throughout the University of Iowa campus. If you are unable to locate information at University Classrooms or Main Library Conference and Classrooms (authentication required) you may want to try Astra. 

Using the Astra Scheduling

  1. Login with Hawkid and password
  2. Select Calendars in upper left corner - Select Scheduling Grids
  3. Choose GAC Only from Choose Calendar dropdown box
  4. Choose LIB Rooms from Filter dropdown box
    a. Select down arrow of Filter dropdown box, then select lower right corner of dropdown box: expand.
    b. Advance to 2nd page using the bottom buttons of dropdown box.
    c. Scroll down the list. LIB Rooms is 3rd from end.
  5. To adjust date, select calendar icon & select date from dropdown box. Then select refresh icon (green circular arrow)

Primary Support Documents

Group Monitors

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check to make sure the cord is securely plugged into both the monitor and the laptop. If you are using an adapter make sure the adapter is securely plugged in as well. 
  • If screen is blank, check computer display settings.
  • If monitor says NO SIGNAL, try a different cord. 
  • If control panel makes a clikcing sound and the buttons blink after the on button is pushed. Push and hold the ON and OFF buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until the red light on the control panel turns green.