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Main Library Service Desk: Dashboard


Interlibrary Loan is instituting a change in the length of time items will remain on the ILL hold shelves at the Service Desk.   ILL items will now be held for 4 weeks or until their due date, whichever comes first.  If not picked up after 4 weeks the books will be sent back to the lending institutions.  I’ve already started clearing out some of the really old ILL holds and will continue to do so until we reach the 4-week mark.  If a patron comes in to pick up an ILL and it’s neither on the hold shelf nor the microfilm shelf please feel free to direct them Interlibrary Loan (5-5917) M-F, 8-5.  

A key has been added to the East Asian Seminar and Reading Room ring 2006. Key BAA 48 goes to the interior door between the reading room and conference room. The small key on the ring is for the AV cabinet in the seminar room.

Changes to Resetting Passwords. Staff are no longer resetting passwords for patrons. Refer to the website. If you have any questions please ask Connie or H. 

Student Assistance

The Office of Student Life provides assistance to students experiencing crisis and emergency situations, including personal struggles, medical or illness concerns, family emergencies, natural disasters, and other incidents that may impact a student's ability to fully participate academically and socially on campus. A Quick Guide is available for reference.


Important Notices

Renewing a Borrower Application 

  1. Search for the patrons name in Alma or scan the patron’s Community Borrower card and verbally verify that information in the patron’s record is correct—confirm address, phone number (or add a phone number if one is not provided) and e-mail address)
  2. Verify residency (the Iowa Driver’s License is preferred, however, a list of acceptable documents can be found under the Creating a Patron Record Documentation)
  3. Renew patron record for a year by changing the expiration date
  4. e-mail Donald Baxter so that the renewal is counted in statistics

How long are ILL materials are on hold? It is not the same as how long UI Libraries’ items are on hold.

  1. ILL – Held 4 Weeks
  2. UI Libraries Books – One Week
  3. UI Libraries Videos – 3 days


In case of an emergency, call 911 or contact the UIowa Department of Public Safety 319-335-5022

University Libraries Emergency Procedures 

One copy of the printed Emergency Procedures (Red Binder) are available for the Main Library & Learning Commons, located on the east shelves behind the Service Desk. 

Need to Report a Facilities or Incident?

Incident Report Form 

Both the emergency and disruptive user documents are the primary resource for resolving issues. This form is intended to support current documentation, while providing a method of recording incidents quickly and easily. 


Lost & Found

Unclaimed material found in the Main Library are kept temporarily at the Service Desk. If not immediately claimed, items are sent to the University Lost and Found office. If an item appears to match with an item on the list, we suggest users contact the Lost and Found Office prior to showing up and claiming lost items. Please provide users with the appropriate contact information of the Lost and Found Office so they can determine ownership and availability of office hours.

  • Loose change and money must be turned into Kelly Taylor in admin, 5th floor. Put change or money in an envelope and include information such as the amount of money in the envelope, location and date. 

  • If  a user is looking for a lost item, ask them to describe the item.  Only give the user an item if it matches the description. If the individual is looking for a wallet, then you may open the wallet and check the ID.

List of Lost & Found ID Cards Sent to Jessup Hall

This is a current List of ID Cards Found at the Main Library. ID cards will be sent to Iowa One Card Center (IOCC) at 3 Jessup Hall approximately 48 hours after being turned in. For more information about lost or stolen Iowa One Cards, please contact the IOCC at 319-335-2716 or

List of ID Cards Sent to Jessup Hall 

April 25, 2018
Harleen Mayjil Thompson
Kailee Kristine Delagardelle
Kyle Christopher Taylor
Teleigha Teilon Lourell Starks

Pardon our Progress. The information on the dashboard is still evolving.

New information will be added daily. If you have any suggestions or find a needed correction, please email or
Page Revised: 03/20/18