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Main Library Service Desk: Dashboard


Note to Staff: Please remember when posting to the listserv that ultimately all message can be found in an internet search after web crawlers harvest them. Information of a confidential or sensitive nature should not be posted to the list.




Important Notices

New Print Pricing:

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As you come across searches or questions that do not yield “good” results please fill out the form below. Please be as detailed as possible so that we can recreate the search and investigate why it did not work, and hopefully recommend different search strategies based on optimal Primo search methods. We hope to be able to demonstrate these and generate discussion that will aid you in teaching patrons of all types to use InfoHawk+ effectively. We’ll spend the next few weeks gathering data and then create a session later in the semester. You can also report IH+ search challenges to Ericka at:

IH Search Examples

Please refer complaints/issues with the technology side of Infohawk+ to LIT/Brian Thompson.

Other complaints/issues will be sent to the appropriate Library Liaison. If there is no assigned Liaison send referral to Kathy Magarrell at 5-5093. If Kathy is not available give user Kathy's business card.


In case of an emergency, call 911 or contact the UIowa Department of Public Safety

There are 2 copies of the printed Emergency Procedures for the Main Library & Learning Commons located on the east shelves behind the Service Desk. 

Contact Name/URL Phone 
Department of Public Safety 319-335-5022

Uiowa Emergency Information

University Libraries Emergency Procedures 

Need to Report a Facilities or Incident?

Incident Report Form 

Both the emergency and disruptive user documents are the primary resource for resolving issues. This form is intended to support current documentation, while providing a method of recording incidents quickly and easily.