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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Request library services with tags and options

Use "tags" and the options on list items in Course Materials+ to seamlessly:

Tag options include:

Tag Type Tag
Priority of Readings Tags
These can serve as an indicator for students.
  • Essential
  • Recommended
  • Optional

Loan Period Tags
These tags are necessary for all physical items that will go on a shelf. Use these tags to alert library staff to start getting books ready.

  • 3-Day Loan
  • 1-Day Loan
  • 4-Hour Loan
  • 2-Hour Loan
  • 1-Week Loan (Music Library Only)

Purchase Request Tags
These tags will alert library staff that a purchase needs to be initiated.
The electronic request should be used if a streaming video license needs to be renewed.
These tags are not visible to students.

  • Electronic Item Purchase Request
  • Physical Item Purchase Request

Be sure to scroll down the list of tags so you can see all of the options!