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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Course Materials+ list 1-2-3

  1. Add Course Materials+ to the course's ICON site
  2. Create a list
  3. Publish it After creating a list, don't forget to publish it. Publishing your list lets the library know that we can start working on it, and it makes it visible to your students.*
    *Publishing the list will not publish your ICON course, so if your course is not published students will not be able to access the list, even if the list itself is published. Publishing your ICON course will not automatically publish your list. 


Browse a sample list

Course Materials+

Course Materials+  is now available for university faculty and students. The new system integrates directly into ICON without the need for secondary passwords, is mobile friendly and can be customized for accessibility and improved user experience.

Course Materials+ is intuitive to use with a low barrier to entry, and has significant benefits for instructors and students: 

  • Reduced workload for instructors
    • Reading lists can be saved and reused across semesters
    • Ability to create multiple reading lists in draft form allows instructors to work at their own pace
    • Autonomy in developing, changing, updating, and saving course lists
  • Improved student experience
    • Centrally located course materials
    • Affordable, equitable access to library-purchased materials
    • Interactive platform increases student engagement
  • Seamless library integration and support
    • Add library subscriptions, open educational resources, popular media, and multimedia
    • Get expert support for help with copyright, accessibility, and other questions
    • “Cite It” feature allows direct import for readings wherever, whenever

Course Materials+ allows users to see physical and e-reserves for courses in one place and accommodates a variety of media types. Instructors can incorporate citations directly from a database into a reading list and can communicate online with students about resources and more.

Course Reserves

Course Reserves are physical materials from your library that are set aside for a predetermined loan period. Materials can include books, movies, anatomical models and more.

Course Reserves in ICON is called Course Materials+ and are accessible from ICON. Reading lists collect resources into a single, searchable location. Through Course Materials+, students can:

  • View and download course content
  • Mark readings completed
  • Like favorite readings
  • Create 'collections' of useful resources
  • Export reading list citations in your preferred citation style to a Word document or PDF

Contact us

Our preferred method of communication is the Course Materials+ Library Discussion tab, on the right side of the reading list in ICON.

We are also available by email at