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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Install the Cite It! bookmarklet

With the Cite It! bookmarklet instructors can add resources from any website directly to their lists. Here is how to install this handy bookmarklet for your browser.

  • In Course Materials+ in ICON, click on the User Menu in the top right corner and select Cite It!

  • From the pop-up window, drag and drop the Cite It! bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks bar.

Add items with Cite It!

The "Cite It!" bookmarklet lets you easily add resources from the web (websites, online articles, videos, games, etc.) directly to your reading lists. "Cite It!" can even be used to add items that need to be purchased. Just add the appropriate tag.

  1. Go to the page where the resource is, and click on the "Cite It!" button. (Reminder - how to install Cite It! button.)
  2. A pane will open up. Choose the reading list and section where the resource should go, and add (or correct) any other relevant information.

Off-campus access to library resources

Some resources available through the Libraries are not found in InfoHawk+ but can be found by searching a database to which we have access. In this case the easiest way to add this resource to a list is by using the Cite It! bookmarklet and using the proxy link generator to add the Libraries' proxy server address to the resource's URL.

For help finding articles and adding the proxy server, please contact your subject librarian.