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Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Request DVDs for library pickup

If your professor has put a DVD (or Blu-ray) on your CM+ list, please request it ahead of time before you head to the library. Our staff will get it from the shelves before you arrive and it will be waiting for you at the Service Desk.

From your CM+ list, click the link that shows where the DVD is held.


In this example, there is both a DVD and a Blu-ray copy of this film, so you have to select one.


You'll now see that there is an link that says 'Request'. Click there.


This DVD is held in the Main Library's collection, so when you select the pickup location, you would want to select the Main Library for the fastest pickup option. You can select another pickup location, but please allow time for the DVD to be delivered, which will usually add a day to the request.


In many cases there will be only one copy of the film. When that's the case, the link to make the request is located in the "Request Options" part of the page.