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Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Add loan period tags for physical items

It is important that you add a tag for a loan period when placing physical books on reserve.

This action is required so library staff will be notified that a book needs to be placed on the Course Reserves shelf once your list is sent to the library and published. The book will then only be available for your selected loan period time. Your students will see that time restriction in the reading list.

Click on the book to see more details. Click "Add Tag" to select the appropriate Loan Period time.

Every physical item on course reserve should have one of the following loan periods assigned to them through tags:

  • 2-hour loan
  • 4-hour loan
  • 1-day loan
  • 3-day loan

When determining the loan period for each item, take into consideration:

  • Is this resource affordable? Are students likely to purchase/rent?
  • Is this resource also available in electronic format through the Libraries?
  • Is this a required or optional text?
  • How much of the content will students have to read? The whole book or only part of it? Is the expectation that students will scan the part(s) they need?
  • How long does it take for students to read the content they need to engage with
  • Will the resource be used for assignments?

2- and 4-hour loan periods ensure that no one student will keep the resource for a long time, making it available for other students to use it. However, items with shorter loan periods usually can only be used in the library, which can be hard for some students to do.