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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON


Try clearing the browser's cache and/or using a different browser. If that does not work, report the problem to the Libraries by clicking on the citation and "Mark as broken". Libraries staff might not be able to fix the issue immediately. While we are working on resolving the problem, there are a couple of other ways it might be possible to access that same resource:

  1. Click on the citation to open it and choose a different database. The same resource can be available from different databases, and if you can't access it through one of them, you might be able to access it using a different database
  2. Many resources are available both in physical and electronic formats. If the library is open check the catalog to see if the Libraries owns a physical copy of the item, and if it is available

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What is Course Materials+?

Course Materials+ is an app on ICON where instructors can list all of the materials for their course. The list has resources provided by the Libraries and might also have other resources that your instructor added. Lists are divided in sections that can coincide with course themes, topics, weeks, etc.

Below you can read about some of the features of Course Materials+ that can help you manage and prioritize your course's materials list:

What you can do in Course Materials+

In addition to viewing and downloading resources, students can engage with the course list in Course Materials+ in various ways:

  • Check the availability, location, and loan policy of physical materials
  • Access electronic resources directly from ICON
  • Use the posted due dates to help manage your time
  • Use the essential and recommended tags to prioritize tasks
  • Use the checkmark to mark an item as done
  • Use the Like button to like a specific item
  • Add private notes to specific citations (to add observations, questions, quotations)
  • Create your own collection with resources for assignments or for later use
  • Export the list to another file format
  • Print the list
  • Request that an item be put on hold
  • Request interlibrary loan of items on the list
  • Request digitization


  1. User Menu: settings and accessibility options
  2. Reading list options: print or export the list to several different file formats
  3. Upcoming Due Dates: due dates for materials on the list. This is different from the due dates on ICON
  4. Number of items and sections in the list
  5. Syllabus, if uploaded by your instructor
  6. Toggle section view: expand or collapse sections
  7. Refresh this page
  8. Filter: use tags, material types, sections and other criterion to filter items on the list
  9. Compact view: to view more items per page/screen
  10. Search
  11. Section name
  12. Section dates, if added by your instructor
  13. Section description, if added by your instructor
  14. Material type
  15. Due Date
  16. Mark as Done checkmark: mark items as done to keep track of what you have already read/watched
  17. Duration of video or number of pages
  18. Loan period and priority tags, if added by your instructor: can let you know for how long an item can be checked out, and if the item is essential, recommended, or optional
  19. Availability, location and call number of item: real time information about item location and availability
  20. Link to view material online, if available


Clicking on an item will give you other options:

"Like" an item

"Mark as broken": if you can't access an electronic resource provided by the Libraries, you can mark the link as broken and the Libraries will be notified. You can upload files and describe what issue you were having when trying to access the resource. Please see troubleshooting tips below to make sure the issue is not caused by the browser's cache before marking a link as broken.


Some items might be on the list but not on course reserves. In those cases, the item can be requested from Course Materials+: