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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Reading list features

The reading list options menu offers several ways to customize a list:

reading lists options menu


'Edit list' lets you add a description of the list and add a link to the syllabus and/or upload the syllabus:
edit list details and save


Unpublish: by clicking "Unpublish", instructors make the list not visible to students


"Lock": lock the list so that other contributors (other instructors, librarians) can't change the list. Only the person who locked the list in the first place can unlock it:


"More info" and "Less info": display or hide an overview of the list:


"View list as a student": check if the list is published and access to all materials is available to students. It is important to note that the "Student View" in ICON does not affect the reading lists in Course Materials+, so to see what the list looks like from the student perspective, it is necessary to use this option.

Section features

At the section level there are other features and customizations available:


"Edit section": add a description to the section, add dates to let students know when that section will be discussed, and make the section available only during a period of time:


"Add a note": add information about specific sections. By default, the note is located at the end of the section, but it can be moved like any other item in the section (drag and drop, up and down arrows on the light blue bar, and move to clipboard):

Item features

At the citation level, there are several fields that can be edited and/or added. Some fields are specific to certain types of citation (for journal articles, there is a field to add the journal title and volume, for example), and others are available in all citations. The following fields are always available:

  • "Public note": lets instructors communicate to students information about specific citations, like what to watch or do on a website, or if students will need the resource for a test.
  • "Due Date": instructors can use this field to let students know by when they will need to have read, watched, or engaged with a resource on the list
  • "Display Citation": instructors can determine a period of time for a specific citation to be visible. That can also be done at the section level, and is similar to what instructors can do with ICON.
  • Tags can be added to citations to convey information to the Libraries and students:
    • Priority tags: Essential, Recommended, and Optional
    • Loan Period tags: 1-Day Loan, 3-Day loan, 2-Hour loan, and 4-Hour loan
    • Purchase Request tags: Electronic Item Purchase Request, Physical Item Purchase Request
    • Only tags with the mortarboard can be seen by students (priority and loan period tags)