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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Requesting Streaming Videos

The Libraries receives many requests for streaming video throughout the semester, and the requests are processed in the order they are received. There are a few steps that can be taken before requesting the movies that can make the process more efficient and help ensure that the resources for the course will be available when needed:

  • Request materials early
  • Check InfoHawk+ and Swank to make sure the title is not already available through the Libraries in the desired format. Movies available through Swank do not show up in InfoHawk+ search results; please check the Swank database directly
  • Check movies' expiration date. Most streaming videos that are not part of a collection (e.g., Dance in Video) will display the expiration date in InfoHawk+. Swank movies will display the expiration date on the play screen. If access to the movies will need to be renewed, please submit a purchase request by placing the "Electronic Item Purchase Request" tag.

  • Request streaming video of a movie that is available for purchase through a database that we have access to (like Swank, Kanopy, etc.) or requesting that a streaming video license be renewed: add the movie from InfoHawk+ or the database and add the Electronic Item Purchase Request tag

Request streaming video of a movie that the Libraries owns in DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS

Add the DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS to the list and add the "Electronic Item Purchase Request" tag (click on "Add tags to item" and scroll down to see that option)

Adding Streaming Movie Links to the List

Most streaming movies to which the Libraries already have access can be found by searching the catalog. They can be added to a list using the "Library Search" option in Course Materials+ or by searching them in InfoHawk+ and adding them from there.

Other databases, like Swank, do not have their resources listed on the catalog. In those cases, you might receive an email from the Libraries with a link to the streaming movie when access is granted. The link can be added to the list using a "Blank Form" or using the "Cite It!" bookmarklet. If the movie is already on the list in DVD/Blu-Ray, the url can be added to that same citation:

  1. Click on the ellipsis menu ("Open options menu") of the movie's DVD/Blu-Ray entry
  2. Click on "Edit item"
  3. Copy and paste the streaming video url to the URL field
  4. Save

Request streaming video of a movie that the Libraries does not own on DVD

  1. Add the movie to the list using a Blank Form or the Cite It! bookmarklet. We recommend adding the movie from IMDB using Cite It!
  2. Add the "Electronic Item Purchase Request tag".