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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

Reusing lists

Instructors can reuse the same list for courses that have multiple sections and reuse lists from previous semesters.

Please follow the steps outlined on this page so library staff will be notified if a list is being reused. Using other methods to reuse a list from a different semester may result in streaming movies and books not being available.

Use the same list for multiple sections

1. To use the same list in two different courses, or two different sections of the same course during the same semester, click on the reading list options and choose "Manage course association":

2. Look up the other course/section to which the list should be associated, edit the dates if needed, and click on "Associate & close":

Reusing a list from a previous semester

To reuse a list from a previous semester, go to the list you want to reuse. You can do that by going to the ICON course where the list was last used and clicking on Course Materials+ on the navigation menu.

  1. Once on the list, click on the reading list menu (or ellipsis menu) on upper right corner of the screen
  2. Click on "Duplicate list":
  3. You will automatically be taken to the duplicate list, which will have the same name of the original list with a (I) or (2) at the end of the title to differentiate it from the original
  4. Click on the list menu and choose "Manage course association":
  5. In the pop-up window, type the course code of the new course that you will teach using the list:
  6. After selecting the course, you will see "to" and "from" dates.
  7. When the list is associated to new course, you will see the course code under the list's title:
  8. To change the title of your list, go to the list menu and click on "Edit". Please use the complete name of your course, as shown on ICON. The Libraries uses the information on the course's name to manage lists: