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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON

How to create a list in Course Materials+

Create New List

After you've added Course Materials+ to your ICON course, select it in the ICON menu and click on "Create new list".

select course materials+ from icon menu
Creat new list


The pop up window is prefilled with a list name. Please do not change the name of the list. Click on "Next":

change list name

Create Sections

Choose either 'Default' or 'Weeks' to create sections for your list.

  • If you select 'Default' you will start with one section, but you can add more if needed.
  • If you choose 'Weeks' it will start by showing you an 8 week outline, but you can change that number. You can relabel the sections, too. As an example, instead of saying 'Week 1...Week 2...' , you could create 'Required...Optional...Extra Credit' sections for your list.

add sections


Add Items to List

add items


Request Library Services with Tags and Options

tags and options

Be sure to add loan period tags to physical items that need to be put on the shelf and purchase request tags on items we don't currently have available. You have to scroll down to see all the tagging options.

loan period tags


Send your list to the library

When you are ready you can send your list to the Libraries. When the list is received, Libraries staff can process the items that you requested to be placed on the course reserve shelf and any requests you made to have an item purchased or (or streaming license renewed.).

publish banner


Please contact through the Course Materials+ Library Discussion feature or at if you have any problems with these steps.

How to add collaborators

Collaborators can do everything a list owner can do, except add other collaborators and delete the list. Potential collaborators could be:

Please note: List collaborators need to be added to the list in Course Materials+ even if they already have an instructor/TA/designer role on ICON.

To add, view, and delete collaborators, click on the 'List info' link and choose 'Manage collaborators'.

go to the list info link

manage collaborators