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Imagining Future Histories: Black Speculative Fiction

This guide is to complement the book display for Black History Month. Featured are Black & African American writers in the Science Fiction community and major important works in this area.

About Karen Lord

Karen LordKaren Lord (b. 1968) is a Barbadian author. Redemption in Indigo, her first novel published in 2010, combines Caribbean storytelling traditions with speculative fiction. "Lord’s world of spider tricksters and indigo immortals, inspired in part by a Senegalese folk tale, will feel instantly familiar—but Paama’s adventures are fresh, surprising, and utterly original." Redemption in Indigo and her second novel, The Best of All Possible Worlds published in 2013 both won the Frank Collymore Literary award two years in a row. 

"She also holds a science degree from the University of Toronto and a PhD in the sociology of religion from The University of Wales. She has taught physics, trained soldiers, and worked in the Foreign Service." Sources: 

Read this 2013 interview with BookPage: "Karen Lord: An author's brave new world"

Photo courtesy: Marlon James

Featured works


"Karen Lord on Her Writing Process" uploaded by Quercus Books via