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Citation Help: Meetings & Symposia


The information and examples provided on this set of pages describing APA citation style are based on the 6th (2010) edition of the Manual. A newer 7th edition is now published and available at many of our libraries across campus. The new APA 7th edition guide is now available.

APA Citation Examples: Meetings & Symposia

Style guides can guide you though how to cite most resources, but some materials will just not fit into the template provided by APA.

Symposia proceedings are one of those weird publications that will require you to add or subtract information from the template in order to provide a good citation.

Important elements to consider when you are citing a resource that doesn't quite fit the template are:

  • Object description trumps path of discovery
    • If you found the article using Google Scholar and then jumped through several pages to actually retrieve it, that process isn't going to help the reader of your paper to find it. Knowing the title, author, date, and STABLE URL or DOI will. 
  • Focus on who, what, where, and when
    • Once you have your basic title and author in place, make sure you account for location where the event took place, who sponsored or hosted it, and exactly when that happened. 

Symposium contribution 

Contributor, A. A. (year, month). Title of contribution. In Title of Symposium. Symposium conducted at [details of hosting and location].

Bresler, L. (2005, April). What musicianship can teach educational research. In the Fourth International Conference for Research in Music Education. Symposium conducted at the University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom.

Proceedings published in book form

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of paper. In Author A. A., Author B. B., & Author C. C. (Eds.), Title of  work (pp. xxx-xxx). doi:##########.

Rosevear, J. C. (2011). Self-concept and music: making waves in education. In Making Sound Waves: diversity, unity, equity (pp. 113-117). 

From the Music Citation Guide

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