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Spotlight Series Displays Master List: Red Road

Spotlight Series” displays are meant to connect the library to the UI cultural houses and resource centers.

Additional Information

What is the Red Road?

To Native Americans, The Red Road is a term used frequently which means to live a traditional lifestyle: no addiction to drugs/alcohol, respect for others, respect for yourself, respect for creation and to worship the Creator.

Red Road

When I was young and wayward, tore-up from the floor up

An elder once told me to gather my medicine

I said: You mean roots and feathers?

No! The medicine within you

The good things in you to make you well

You have to gather those things

Only you can do this with help from Grandfather

When you have gathered your medicine

You will know what it takes to get well

If you become ill in your spirit and mind

And stray away from the Good Red Road