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Spotlight Series Displays Master List: Storyteller

Spotlight Series” displays are meant to connect the library to the UI cultural houses and resource centers.



Storyteller, the Clan Mother of the Sixth Moon Cycle, reminds us that if we are willing to expand, growing beyond our former zone of comfort in a healthy way, we must pay attention to all of the events in our lives.  There is a story connected to every living thing and every person in our world.  How that story influences our personal Earthwalks is determined by our willingness to see another's experience as a way to learn about ourselves. We can become so self-obsessed that we never hear or see the opportunities surrounding us.  We can be so numbed or broken by the burdens we carry that we are oblivious to the rest of life going on around us.  To unravel the confusion, Storyteller asks us to see the similarities in ourselves and others, finding ways to learn from the stories we all share in common.


Earth Medicine

Jamie Sams