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Diagnostic Radiology: Body CT Basics

Body CT Basics

To help better prepare PGY2s for the beginning of the body CT rotation, the following resources are suggested with comments as below.

  1. Introduction to Radiology: Computed Tomography
    Yale Radiology and Biomedical Imaging 
    Some of this video may be very basic.
    Suggested most useful section 5:19 – 9:27. Earlier sections cover historical aspects and orientation.
  2. Normal CT abdomen anatomy 
    Yale Radiology and Biomedical Imaging 
    The entire video is a useful review of normal CT anatomy, by scrolling through images.
  3. Introduction to CT abdomen and pelvis: Anatomy and approach
    Navigating Radiology 
    The video is longer and there is some overlap with the previous video on anatomy, but this video includes pathologic findings as well and goes through an approach to interpret at the end. This video includes scrolling through images.
    The section on a suggested approach to an acute abdomen CT is at 56:00-1:05:31.
  4. Normal Abdominal & Pelvic CT Anatomy: Algorithm 
    Lecture Medical
    A video describing an approach and review of normal anatomy and phases of study. There is significant overlap but shows another radiologist’s systematic approach, using slides rather than a scroll through approach.
  5. Introduction to Abdominal CT 
    This video begins with a consideration of complimentary modalities and considerations for referring providers but may be useful to review to recap on which abdominal pathologies are better evaluated with which modalities. The video goes on to discuss different types of contrast, phases and protocols. This is followed by a suggested search pattern with review of anatomy. Includes scroll through of images and reference to radiopedia annotations.