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Diagnostic Radiology: Chest Pre-Call

Rotation Goals and Objectives 2023-2024


Welcome to the Thoracic and Cardiovascular pre-call rotation. The focus of this rotation is to continue building the fundamental, maturing into more synthetic analyses of studies and specifically focusing on topics that you will encounter on call. This rotation is not just about reading material and knowledge. It's about skills - time management, triaging patients, efficient reviews of image, even more efficient dictation of reports, etc. Please see the written curriculum for more details. It's a lot of work, but doing the prep now will be so much better than trying to figure it all out when on call.

Below are reading/video materials that I think you'll find helpful over the course of the 3 weeks. Please try to get through it all.

Week 1 - Solidifying the Essentials

This first week is about solidifying the fundamentals so you have a solid foundation on which to prep for call. The readings may seem a lot but should be a lot of review. The videos should be done at the end as they lead into next week's topics.

Fundamental's of Body CT chapters 1-7
Chapter 1 - Introduction to CT of the Thorax: Chest CT techniques
Chapter 2 - Mediastinum: Introduction and normal anatomy
Chapter 3 - Mediastinum: Vascular abnormalities and pulmonary embolism
Chapter 4 - Mediastinum: Lymph node abnormalities and masses
Chapter 5 - The pulmonary hila
Chapter 6 - Lung Disease
Chapter 7 - Pleura, chest wall and diaphragm

Videos (20 minutes each):
"The acutely ill patient: pulmonary disease pattern recognition" (STR Resident Bootcamp 2020)
"Pulmonary edema - cardiogenic/noncardiogenic" (STR Resident Bootcamp 2020)

Week 3 - ED and Trauma