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Diagnostic Radiology: MSK X-ray/CT 2

Purpose of the Rotation

For the third rotation (MSK Xray & CT 2 MSK), the main goal is to get comfortable for characterizing fractures and diagnosing other musculoskeletal entities including but not limited to infection, arthritis, and bone tumor/tumor-like lesions on radiographs and CT. You are expected to:

a. be able to characterize the pelvic ring injuries and fractures of acetabulum, tibial plateau, talus and calcaneus (x-ray and CT).
b. be familiar to indications of CT and MRI for trauma patients (spine, pelvis, knee, ankle/foot, .. ).
c. be able to narrow down the differential diagnoses of common/characteristic bone lesions (osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, cartilaginous lesions, metastatic lesions, .. )
d. be able to diagnose and report impending fracture.
e. be able to narrow down the differential diagnoses of arthropathies including crystal deposition diseases.
f. be familiar to MSK applications of dual-energy CT (metal artifacts reductions and detection of monosodium urate crystal and bone marrow edema).