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Systematic Searching Support

What is an Umbrella Review?

Aim: To compile evidence from multiple literature reviews into one summary document to facilitate comparison and contrast. 

Synonyms: Overview of reviews

Notes about Methodology

  • Search process should be comprehensive and include sources for systematic reviews (JBI, Prospero, Cochrane) as well as relevant subject databases
  • Search should consider grey literature sources
  • Quality assessment included--review quality tools such as AMSTAR and ROBIS are available
  • Analysis includes recommendations for future research

Methodology Guidance

Aromatases, E., Fernandez, R., Godfrey, C. M., Holly, C., Khalil, H., & Tungpunkom, P. (2015). Summarizing systematic reviews: methodological development, conduct and reporting of an umbrella review approach. Int J Evid Based Healthc, 13(3), 132-140. View full text 


Barnett, M. J., Fealy, S., & Wilson, A. (2019). Barriers and enablers for smoking cessation amongst pregnant women: An Umbrella Review. Women & Birth, 32(4), 310-317 View full text