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Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library

Finance Major Toolkit

A resource for all Finance students,

Weekly Finance Department Emails 

There are two LISTSERVS for finance majors. The Finance Department uses these email lists to

1.       Forward career and internship  and full-time opportunities to our students.

2.       Inform students of opportunities to network with Finance professionals

3.       Share Finance speaker presentations that are open to students.

4.       Announce student activities that are available

To receive these weekly emails, you can subscribe to one or both lists. Details for how to join either the Fulltime or Internship list are below. You may also sign up for both lists, and you may unsubscribe later if you desire.

 Go to the LISTSERV Home Page.



 It will pull up the page for that Listserv. On the right, click the avatar that says Subscribe or Unsubscribe Put in your information, click Subscribe. Then, check your email inbox for a confirmation email and follow the link to complete the enrollment process.

This is a great opportunity to engage in the many activities and opportunities within the Finance Department.

Please contact with any questions