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Finance Major Toolkit

A resource for all Finance students,

There are a variety of careers available in the Real Estate field. They range from a focus on sales to highly analytical. One thing that makes this a special asset class. This can be a fairly inefficient market. For an investor who studies this market and understands it well, there are opportunities to outperform. But since it is often times a leveraged investment, getting it wrong get magnified. 

The list of opportunities include

Brokerage - Residential or Commercial - Representing the side of a real estate transaction

Appraisal - Providing an independent estimate of a property's valuation

Property Management - The leasing and oversight of commercial and multifamily properties. 

Development - Investing in a new real estate project

Equity Investment - private or public(REIT) - Private ownership is often found with large institutional real estate investors as a portion of their portfolio. REITS - Real Estate Investment Trusts - are an investment vehicle that looks like a stock, but is composed of a series of real estate properties. 

Financing - Private and CMBS - The process of loaning money to owners of real estate properties. Commercial Backed Mortgages (CMBS) are pooled group of mortgages that trade like one bond. 

Depending on your skills and interests, you are apt to find a category that fits you.






All Finance Majors must take three Finance Electives. The best options for this career path are: