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Finance Major Toolkit

A resource for all Finance students,

The world of Finance is regulated by a variety of organizations. FINRA, the insurance commissioners for each state, the OCC, the NAIC, FDIC, SEC, just to name a few. 

Some of these roles involve a fair amount of travel, but in all of these roles you will get a strong understanding of how these businesses work. This is a great career where you can stay in one organization, or you may wish to utilize the expertise you have developed within the industry you have been regulating. The expertise that you develop is valuable to many firms. 

Every financial institution has a compliance department. If you are detail-oriented and love to understand the rules, this is a growing field with many opportunities. The compliance professionals I know are strong, understand how the business works, and have many opportunities to work with senior leadership of an organization. 


All Finance Majors must take three Finance Electives. The best options for this major are: