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Finance Major Toolkit

A resource for all Finance students,

Financial Planning includes roles that are wide-ranging in their skill needs. There are three basic functions to any of these roles, however, and understanding how much of each category is involved in a specific role is key.

Financial Advising/Planning - this can be selecting investments, asset allocation, risk products (think insurance), estate planning, business succession, budgeting for goals, etc

Client Service - being able to discuss these services, what you are recommending and why, as well as what has happened in a simple to understand manner is a real skill set. Reporting out,  dealing with family issues, all of this is relevant. You must be able to communicate concepts in a clear manner. 

Sales - you won't have clients if you don't sell your services!

So for whatever role you choose in this field, love of Finance is key, but so is communicating financial information so that the client understands. And you must build trust. 

This is perfect for people with strong people skills and a passion for finance. 

All Finance Majors are required to take three Finance electives. The best options for this career path are:

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