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Database Profiles:CQ Researcher

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CQ Researcher: In-depth reports on today's issues

CQ Researcher is a great resource for in-depth and balanced explorations of the most pressing issues in the news.

CQ Researcher provides award winning coverage of topical and recent stories and events. Their reports are written by experienced journalists, footnoted and professionally fact-checked.

  • Comprehensive analysis on issues in the news
  • Background information on general, popular topics
  • Multiple perspectives on controversial issues


Keep in mind, the link from our databases page goes directly to CQ Press, which is the overarching database. If you would like to browse topics in CQ Researcher, follow the links provided here or click on the CQ Researcher box. 

Visit the FAQ section for more helpful information!

Pro / Con

Need to find info on an opposing viewpoint?

Select the Pro / Con option to browse topics featuring two different perspectives. 

Additional Info

After you have entered a search term and selected a report to read, this menu will appear along the right side of your screen. It offers some great features to help you find exactly the kind of information you are looking for.

Introduction and Overview will give you expanded basic information on the topic.

Outlook offers some ideas and predictions on the future of the issue.

Pro/Con gives you differing perspectives from people who have a stake in the issue, such as business leaders, public figures, and politicians.

Chronology is a timeline. This feature lays out events related to the issue in chronological order.

If you need more traditional scholarly sources, try the Bibliography section. 

The Next Step gives you additional resources for further reading. As CQ Researcher is focused on journalism and news reporting, the resources are usually newspaper or magazine articles. 

Contacts will connect you to experts on the topic. This section contains a list of organizations, offices, and people you can contact for more information.