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For finding: 

  • News reports (articles and broadcast transcripts)

  • Business and company information (consumer, market, and industry reports, company profiles)

  • Legal information (case reports, law reviews, and federal and state laws)

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LexisNexis Academic - now Nexis Uni - is the place to go for business and company information, including company profilesconsumer information, and market and industry reportsnews, including transcripts of news broadcasts; and legal information including caseslaw reviews, and federal/state regulations.

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Nexis Uni - Video Tutorials

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Search Tips & Tricks

On the new Nexis Uni home page, the search bar may not be intuitive at first as it's not clearly boxed or defined against the rest of the page. But it's still there, right at the top. Just click the large gray "Search" near the top of the screen, and you will be able to type in your search terms. Hit enter or click the red magnifying glass on the right side of the bar to search.

This search bar will default to searching "All Nexis Uni." Clicking on "All Nexis Uni" just to the right of the red magnifying glass will allow you to specify what type of source you want to search - legal cases, news, company and financial information, etc. In the search results screen, Nexis Uni will probably default to showing "News" first for most users, although you can change your default search in Nexis Uni Settings.

Or, you can use the search feature directly below the main search bar to specify what kind of information you want Nexis Uni to search. Selecting the different options under "What are you interested in?" will cause different boxes and menus based on the type of information you are searching to appear in the other sections of the search feature. These options will allow you to narrow your search in ways that are specific to the specific kind of information you are looking for. This feature may often be your best bet for searching, because Nexis Uni will automatically limit your search based on your chosen type of information.

nexis narrow byYou can also just enter a search term or keyword into the search box on the home page and refine your search results by type directly from the results screen. Use the options along the left side of your window to refine your results. The different categories of sources will be at the top of these left-side facets; you can also search by source name if you know you want articles from a particular newspaper or magazine, by industry, by location (narrower) or geography (broader), and by language. If you want to select more than one filter in any of the refining category options, select "View Multiple Groups" at the top of the left-side menu. A pop-up window will then allow you to select more than one filter within your current category.

nexis sort byWe also recommend sorting your results by "Newest to Oldest" in the "Sort" drop-down menu at the top of your results, especially if you are looking for current articles on your topic. "Relevance" is the default sort criteria; "Newest to Oldest" will put the most recent articles at the top of your results list.

nexis categoryLexisNexis will default to having you read your search results from within its own platform with its own formatting and site design. If you find LexisNexis to be an unfriendly or hard-to-read platform for reading sources, Web news might be a good option. To view Web news, select Web from the left-hand source categories menu, at the top of the facets that line the left side of the screen. The results under "Web" are going to be different from those in your default results list, as they will be web-based results only. Note also that you can't sort by relevance or date when viewing Web news only.