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Use me to find scholarly articles, books, and dissertations on United States and Canadian history


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America: History & Life 

A Valuable Resource for Every History Student

One of many EBSCOhost databases that the University of Iowa Libraries subscribes to. This database focuses on - you guessed it - American history! Here you will find scholarly literature including journals, books, and dissertations on US and Canadian history going back to 1954.

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America: History & Life is an EBSCOhost database, so check out some of the Academic Search Elite Search Tips - they will apply here too!

Want to search for American and world history at the same time? Select multiple databases to search! Directly above the search box, you will notice a blue "Choose Databases" option.

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Click that, and a list of all the EBSCOhost databases the University of Iowa's Libraries subscribe to will pop up. Scroll through until you find "Historical Abstracts," a good database of for world history topics, or any other database you would like to search. You can select as many databases as you want! Do note, however, that this may increase the time it takes for your search to pull up results.