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Welcome to Special Collections

A guide to visiting the Special Collections department at the University of Iowa Libraries.


Special Collections at the University of Iowa Main Library is a center for the study of Popular Culture, including Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, their history, expression, and the communities of fans that grew up around them. Across dozens of collections, primary sources include books, manuscripts, screenplays, pulp magazines, magazines and journals, comics, films, art, music, games, fanzines, fan fiction, fan art, fan vids, fan oral histories, fan convention materials, television-related artifacts, fast food toys, and more. In addition, there are many manuscript collections of papers belonging to prominent authors, directors, producers, actors, artists, and fans. For more information, please contact Peter Balestrieri, Curator, Science Fiction and Popular Culture Collections. 

Peter Balestrieri,
Curator of Science Fiction and Popular Culture