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Welcome to Special Collections

A guide to visiting the Special Collections department at the University of Iowa Libraries.

The University of Iowa Libraries supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections whether these are paper-based texts, photographs, films, sound recordings, computer disks, or are “fixed” in other media. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted by their fragile condition or by contractual agreement with donors, and it may not be possible at all times to provide appropriate machinery for reading, viewing or accessing non-paper-based materials. Readers should be aware that their use of materials they are permitted to access may be governed by the United States copyright law that took effect on January 1, 1978, and as since amended. This law reserves certain monopoly rights to the creators of intellectual property but permits limited “fair use” of that property in some circumstances, including for the kinds of purposes typical of scholarship and library research. The University of Iowa Libraries urges scholars and researchers to understand and exercise fully their “fair use” rights, as well as to understand their possible liability under the law should they publish or reproduce copyrighted material. The Libraries’ statement on copyright may be useful in this regard.


  University of Iowa Affiliated Patrons Non-University of Iowa Affiliated Patrons
1 – 50 Scans/Photocopies no charge $10.00 service charge + $1.00 per page
50+ Scans/Photocopies $10.00 service charge + $1.00 per page $10.00 service charge + $1.00 per page
CD & DVD $5.00 per item $5.00 per item
VHS & cassette tapes $25.00 per item $25.00 per item
Other AV formats TBD based on item type and condition TBD based on item type and condition


  How to make a request

Login to (or create) your Aeon account.

On the left-hand side of the Aeon homepage, click on ‘New Duplication Order’.

Books and other published materials can be requested through the library catalog, InfoHawk+. Boxed materials with MsC or RG collection numbers can be requested through ArchivesSpace, the collection database. Materials that aren’t listed online, or that you would like to manually enter, can be done so with the last option, ‘Materials not listed online’. Select either printed materials (books) or manuscripts (boxes), depending on your request.

Fill out the information for the book or collection you would like reproductions form. Describe the desired pages for the item under ‘Pages/Description of Materials’. Select a delivery format under the ‘Delivery Format’ dropdown.

A/V = reformatted audio visual materials that will be sent to you in the mail or picked up in person. JPG, PDF, TIF = digital formats that will be sent to you through Aeon. Photocopies = photocopies that will be sent to you in the mail. If you have been working with a staff member, please enter their name in the ‘staff member with whom you have been in contact’ field.

When you are finished filling out the form, click ‘Submit Request’.


Instructions for photoduplications with a fee

Instructions for photoduplications without a fee