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Use Credo to find:

  • Background information, to help you get started in your research

  • Related topics and search terms

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Credo is a reference database - that means it's good for background information and helping you narrow down your topic. Credo searches the full text of hundreds of reference books such as encyclopedias and almanacs.

Credo - Video Tutorials

Search Tips & Tricks

Trying to narrow down your topic, or find other search terms? Use the Mind Mapping tool to explore related topics! After entering a search term, click on "Mind Map" at the top of your search results.


This will open a "brainstorming tool" that should look familiar to those of you who have made concept maps before!

sample map

Click on any of the terms to explore that topic further and see more related terms. Reference articles related to the term you have selected will appear along the right side of the screen.

Credo allows you to search for images as well as reference articles on your topic. From the drop-down menu on the right side of your search bar, either on the main page or from a search results page, select "Images." Notice you can also get to image results from the search results screen (see screenshot above), just as you can also set your search to pull up Topic Pages (through a "Topic search") and "Mind Map" results directly from the search bar.

Topic Pages are another great feature - they are Credo's main reference articles for various topics. From a topic page, you can read general information, find links to articles about the topic in other reference books in Credo's collection (under "Related Credo Articles"), and find links to some other sources on the topic in other library databases (at the bottom of the page).