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Japanese Studies Collection: NDL's Digitized Contents Transmission Service

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japanese Studies

About NDL's Digitized Contents Transmission Service


Now you can access to digitized versions of out-of-print materials in the National Diet Library, Japan (NDL) from the UI Main Library. The Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries is provided by the NDL as a means of making digitized versions of otherwise difficult-to-obtain materials available to university libraries that subscribe to the Service. 

With this service, you can access to many periodicals and old books that are not available via Inter-Library Loan service.

  • 560,000 books - acquired up to 1968
  • 20,000 rare books & old materials - rare books in Japanese after the Meiji era, books in Chinese after the Qing dynasty
  • 810,000 issues of 10,000 periodicals - published during or after the Meiji period that were published at least five years ago and were not published commercially.
  • 120,000 doctoral dissertations - received between FY1990 and FY2000
  • 3,000 TV and radio scripts of programs that were broadcast before 1981 and donated to the NDL by the Consortium for the Promotion of Broadcast Script Archives in Japan

Please note:

  • This service is only accessible from the workstation in the East Asian Reading Room of the UI Main Library (LIB 2008)
  • Search and Browse only, No copying permitted by the NDL
  • By appointment only. If you are interested in using this service, please email Tsuyoshi at: beforehand

Outline of the service: Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries Overseas (

User’s manual (simple edition):

Subject Guide

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