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Japanese Studies Collection: Newspapers

The guide provides resources to assist your research on Japanese Studies

Databases available from UI Libraries

Online Newspaper Websites and Collections

  • 神戸大学新聞文庫 Newspaper Article in digital version

    Newspaper article database from the end of Meiji to prewar days. Main focus is on commercial economy. Newspaper articles on related topics such as foreign relations and law are included in the database. Clippings are available in HTML format and as image file.
  • 戦前日本在住朝鮮人関係新聞記事検索 水野直樹教授(京都大学人文科学研究所)

    Indexes newspaper articles related Korean people and organizations in Japan. Newspapers covered include ones published both in Japan and Korea. As of June 2008, more than 32,000 articles are indexed.
  • ことばに関する新聞記事見出しデータベース 国立国語研究所

    Headline Database of Newspaper Articles relating to Japanese language and the use of language in our society. A wide range of articles on Japanese writing, phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, dialects, linguistic life and the Japanese language in general are included. From 1949 to April 1989, local and special papers were included as well as national papers. After 1989, articles from Asahi, Mainichi, and Yomiuri are indexed.
  • 『大阪毎日新聞』記事索引データベース

            Downloadable index to articles on social and labor related topics in Osaka and Amagasaki area between 1887-1945.

Now 伯剌西爾時報 is available (1917-1952.


  • よみうり写真館 読売新聞社

    Database of photographs copyrighted by Yomiuri Shinbun. Includes photographs from the Meiji Era to the present day.

  • 毎日フォトバンク 毎日新聞社

    This is the largest digital photograph database available from Japan. More than 260,000 photographs from the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate are included in the database.

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