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* Japanese Studies: Basics Guide *: June 10th Workshop

The Japan Times Archives

  • Chrome is the recommended browser for the Japan Times Archives.
  • The UI Libraries is sharing this database with other libraries. Please log out when you finished using it.
  • Exact Match Search: Default keyword search performs a partial-match search in the Japan Times Archives. To conduct an exact match search, need to use phrase search technique.
    For example, to find Abe Ken, use “△Abe△Ken△” (△ means a 1-byte-space). Otherwise, your search result will include Watanabe Ken, Tanabe Kenichiro, etc.
    To perform exact match search for "Obama," use "△Obama△. "
  • Recent issues are accessible at

Updated: 2015/6/9


Test SmartSearch for Japanese materials

Cut & Paste a personal name with diacritics and punctuation variants from Clio and WorldCat:

Ōno, Ken'ichi 1153 hits

Ōno, Kenʾichi   521 hits

Ōno, Ken’ichi  443  hits

Ono, Kenichi 1165  hits

Ono Kenichi 1165 hits


Try using Japanese script.

富士山信仰と修験道 -- The book will be found OK.

富士山信仰と -- The book will be found OK.

富士山信仰  -- The book will not be found.


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