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ENGL 3287: Shakespeare in Iowa and the World: Home

Blaine Greteman's summer 2018 undergraduate class created this guide.


Created By

Blaine Greteman, Associate Professor of English

Amy Chen, English and Communication Librarian

About this Guide 

This Library Guide provides resources for studying, researching, writing about, and teaching Shakespeare. It is meant not to be exhaustive, but to point you toward some of the most useful databases and websites and provide some guidance on using them.

The guide was a collaborative student assignment in Blaine Greteman's summer 2018 Shakespeare class. To learn more, see the tab "Assignment."

Please Note

Blaine Greteman and Amy Chen generated this assignment after first using it in Greteman's Summer 2018 Shakespeare course.

The students' work can be found in the following tabs: Texts and Dictionaries, Criticism and Scholarship, Performance History and Multimedia, Historical Contexts, and Teaching Shakespeare.

Greteman and Chen lightly edited the text in these tabs.

The students' work does not always reflect the parameters set out in the assignment text. Those parameters were drawn up after the first test of this project.