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No matter where you are headed take us with you

Yes, we do have (LOTS) of books you can read for pleasure, including a selection of ebooks!

Information on this guide describes how to access ebooks provided through two (Overdrive & EBSCO) of our many ebook collections.

Overdrive Ebooks

OverDrive digital library makes it easy to browse available ebook titles. Create an online account to manage loans. Or download the Libby app and use your hakwid and password to browse, download, and read Overdrive content.

Using the Libby App

Download the Libby app on your personal device. Once installed, open and app and add the University of Iowa Libraries. You will need your hawkid and password to log in the first time. You can borrow up to two ebooks at a time and place up to six holds.

On the Libby app:

  1. Under Your Libraries, click Add Library
  2. Search for the zip code 52245 or for the University of Iowa Libraries
  3. Go to Add a Library Card and use your hawkid and password to log in
  4. Browse for titles and enjoy your reading

EBSCO Ebooks

Using the EBSCO app to read ebooks

Download the EBSCO app on your personal device. Follow the instructions for connecting your app with the University of Iowa Libraries. Once installed there are two ways to discover ebooks.

  1. Search using the EBSCO mobile app
    1. Search using terms related topics about which you want to read.
    2. Filter your results by changing the source type facet to ebook format.
    3. Tap a result to see details or download the title. You can also tap the heart to add a book to your liked list.
    4. Tap the Access Now button to view your reading options.
  2. Browse EBSCOHost ebooks on your computer. (The browsing interface provides an experience more like browsing physical books at a library and is more effective if you're not sure what you want to read.)
    1. Navigate to the EBSCOHost ebook collection
    2. Set up an EBSCOHost login (this is separate from your hawkid and password)
      1. Click Sign In.
      2. Choose Sign Up.
      3. Use your University of Iowa email and create a unique password.
      4. Log in using these new credentials.
    3. Navigate back to the landing page of the EBSCOHost ebook collection.
    4. Browse available ebooks using the Browse by Category options.
    5. Save ebooks you'd like to read by clicking on a title and then choosing the Add to Folder tool. Books saved to your EBSCO folder are now available on your EBSCO mobile app.
    6. Access titles saved to your browser folder on your EBSCO mobile app by choosing the bookmark icon on the mobile app interface.
    7. Tap individual titles from the saved list on the EBSCO mobile app to view reading options.

Questions about accessing ebooks on this guide?

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