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Resources for Education Grad Students: Literature Reviews


Literature reviews are your way of entering into the scholarly conversation around your topic, both past and present. By engaging with other scholars, you are acknowledging the research that has been done on your topic, and refining your own questions and arguments. 

Literature Review Explainer

This librarian-created video offers a humorous and accessible take on what a literature review is. 

Citation Networks

NetworkOne way to get a good sense of the citation network, or citation web, is to look at the references in a journal article as well as the sources that cited the journal article after it was published. Exploring these citation networks gives you insight into the scholarly conversation and points you to other relevant research. 

The following databases make it easy to examine citation networks: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Education & Psychology Librarian or the Scholarly Impact Department

Books to Consider