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MD and PA Students: MOHD

Resources to assist with assignments in Clinical and Professional Skills and Medicine and Society.

Lancet Seminars


Search the Seminar Articles

On the Science Direct page, choose Advanced Search. 

In Advanced Search, type your topic in the search box, type The Lancet into the journal name field, and limit the Article types to Review articles. 

The search feature searches all journals available through Science Direct, so adding the The Lancet to the search is important. 

NEJM Reviews


Search NEJM Review Articles

On the journal homepage, click Search and then Advanced Search.

In Advanced Search, type your topic in the search box and limit the Article Category to Review. 

You can further limit the results, by clicking Filter and narrowing by specialty. You can also sort the results by publication date. 

Nature Reviews


Search All Nature Reviews Journals

On the Nature Reviews page, choose Advanced Search. 

Type your topic into the search box. 

Then further down on the Advance Search page, start typing in the Journals field. When suggestions appear, click on the "View all journals" option. 

In the list of journals, choose all those with Nature Reviews in the title. 

Click the Search button at the bottom of the page. On the results page, limit to Review articles under the Article type dropdown menu. 

(Note: Hardin Library does not subscribe to every Nature Reviews journal but you can request articles through interlibrary loan as needed.)


Search Individual Review Journals

You can also search individual Review journal titles by selecting the journal you want. 

Then on the journal's homepage, scroll down to find the search box for that journal only. 

Add your topic here. 

Then limit the results to Review articles.