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Corn Monument Fan Favorite: History

The Corn Monument has been a Hawkeye Engineer tradition dating back to 1919.
History of the Corn Monument

The corn monument has been a long standing tradition during Iowa Homecoming. Engineering students have built these monuments and placed it various locations around campus over the years, mostly on the Pentacrest. Many resources list the first corn monument as being constructed by a “class in hydraulics engineering” in 1914.

Each monument offers interesting insight into the current events on campus and around the world at the time they were created. For instance, during the 1950s, you'll see several monuments depicting different elements of the space race. The 1940s saw several focusing on the war efforts during World War II. You can also see local history, including the use of the Tigerhawk in the 1980s and the Iowa Wave during football games in 2018.  


**It has been noted that during the 1990s and 2000s the corn monument may have been created as homecoming parade floats. Unfortunately, the library has not been able to find any photos or information on these monuments. Please contact Kari Kozak if you have a copy that you would like to added to the University Archives or know more information on any of the missing monuments.