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COMM:1130 The Art of Persuading Others: Research Tips

Fall 2020, Dr. David Supp-Montgomerie

Search vs. Research

Search Versus Research

Research Tips

Research Tips

  • Generate a list of your search terms and any synonyms
  • Search for each term in databases or InfoHawk+
  • If searching for a phrase, insert quotation marks around the phrase
  • Limit your search by a date range if you want results from certain years
  • Try your search terms in multiple databases
  • Look at the footnotes and bibliography of scholarly articles - they can lead you to related sources!
  • The first sources that you find may not be the best. Keep looking!

InfoHawk+ for Finding Articles

Add this direct link to ICON or other webpages:

More Help with Research

More Help With Research

Contact a Librarian

Books of Interest

Research Resources

Where to Find Advertisements

Where to Find Speeches

Where to Find Context Sources

Recommended Databases

How To Read a Scholarly Article

How to Read a Scholarly Article

Reading a scholarly article can be a little intimidating! They follow a unique format and can be quite lengthy. Use this guide to help get a quick understanding of the article before you invest your time in reading the entire piece.

                Infographic on How to Read a Scholarly Article - Read abstract, conclusion, first paragraph, first sentence of each paragraph, then rest of article

         Source: ESL Undergraduate Student Guide, Undergraduate Library, University of Illinois