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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

MD and PA Students: Textbooks

Resources to assist with assignments in Clinical and Professional Skills and Medicine and Society.

Clinical and Professional Skills (CAPS)

Required for CAPS I, II, & III

Required for CAPS I & II (Recommended for CAPS III)

Recommended for CAPS I & II

Required for CAPS III (Recommended for CAPS I)

Required for CAPS III

Foundations of Cellular Life

Medical Gross Anatomy

Medicine and Society (MAS)*

Required for MAS III

Recommended for MAS III

*Required texts for MAS I & II are the course materials

Mechanisms of Health and Disease (MOHD)

Recommended for MOHD I

Recommended for MOHD I & II

Recommended for MOHD II

Required for MOHD III & IV (Recommended for MOHD II)

Required for MOHD III & IV 

Required for MOHD IV

Interprofessional Skills and Team-Based Healthcare