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Virtual Brain Break: Online Games

Games to Play

undefinedPlaying games is a fun way to relax! Click on any screenshot or game title to play.

Traditional Games


A screenshot of the game Snake

Try to keep eating the apple without biting your own tail


A screenshot of the game Minesweeper

Keep digging to find the mines in this classic game


A screenshot of the online game Solitaire

The classic card game


A screenshot of the game Tic Tac Toe

There are different difficulty settings, and you can even play with a friend

Google Games

Magic Cat Academy

Use your mouse to draw spells and help the cat wizard defeat the ghosts

Quick Draw

A screenshot of the game Quick Draw

Draw something and see if the computer recognizes it in this quick and funny A.I. game


A screenshot of the game Semantris

Type words connected to the concepts in the game and see how far you can get

Online Toys

DJ Turntable Doodle

A screenshot of the DJ Turntable Google Doodle

Learn the basics of being a DJ with this Google Doodle

The Infinite Drum Machine

A screenshot of The Infinite Drum Machine Google Doodle

A fun musical toy

A.I. Duet

A screenshot of the A.I. Duet Google Doodle

Like playing the piano with a friend

Moog Synthesizer

A screenshot of the Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle

Play with this Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle and see what you can make

Talk to Books

A screenshot of the Talk to Books Google Doodle

Type in questions and find relevant book passages