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Virtual Brain Break: Online Games

Games to Play

undefinedPlaying games is a fun way to relax! Click on any screenshot or game title to play.

Traditional Games


A screenshot of the game Snake

Try to keep eating the apple without biting your own tail


A screenshot of the game Minesweeper

Keep digging to find the mines in this classic game


A screenshot of the online game Solitaire

The classic card game


A screenshot of the game Tic Tac Toe

There are different difficulty settings, and you can even play with a friend

Google Games

Quick Draw

A screenshot of the game Quick Draw

Draw something and see if the computer recognizes it in this quick and funny A.I. game

Magic Cat Academy

Use your mouse to draw spells and help the cat wizard defeat the ghosts


A screenshot of the game Semantris

Type words connected to the concepts in the game and see how far you can get

Online Toys

DJ Turntable Doodle

A screenshot of the DJ Turntable Google Doodle

Learn the basics of being a DJ with this Google Doodle

The Infinite Drum Machine

A screenshot of The Infinite Drum Machine Google Doodle

A fun musical toy

A.I. Duet

A screenshot of the A.I. Duet Google Doodle

Like playing the piano with a friend

Moog Synthesizer

A screenshot of the Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle

Play with this Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle and see what you can make

Talk to Books

A screenshot of the Talk to Books Google Doodle

Type in questions and find relevant book passages