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Virtual Brain Break: Home


To relax a little, please consider doing the box breathing exercise below three or four times and then feel free to explore the rest of this LibGuide to find other ways to de-stress! (Also, there's a special message from the libraries at the bottom of the page!)

Box Breathing Exercise

Image with instructions on how to do a 4x4 box breathing exercise

Special Message from the Library

Extra Stress Relief and Credits

If you would like even more resources to rest and recharge this Finals Week, please click on this guide to Finals Week Stress Relief!

The Virtual Brain Break Guide was created and curated by Undergraduate Engagement Librarian Chris Ortega. If you have any questions about the Guide, want to see anything new added to it, or simply want to share something that you find relaxing with the other people that read this guide, please email him and let him know by clicking on his name above!