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Music Therapy: Finding Articles and Evidence

University of Iowa subscribed resources for all music therapy students, faculty, and staff.

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Katie Buehner

Additional Databases

Core Databases

The databases listed on this page are excellent places to start a literature search. Please schedule a consultation if you have a specific research topic, and you would like some advice on either getting started or building a good search strategy.

InfoHawk+ is also a great resource to use to get started in your search.

For most of the databases listed, look for the UI Link button in your results, and select it to view full text options.



Guide to Searching

What is Evidence Based Practice?


Evidence-Based Practice (EBP): Evidence-based practice is the judicious use of the best research evidence (found in health sciences literature), clinical expertise (what the health care provider knows) and patient values (what the patient wants and believes) to create a plan of action regarding patient care.  Evidence-based practice is an umbrella term that includes application of evidence into clinical decision making in any health sciences discipline.

Learn more by visiting the full subject guide on Evidence-Based Practice.