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Education Resources: InfoHawk+


What is it?

InfoHawk+ is a centralized resource found on the UI Libraries' homepage. This search tool gives you access to: 

Drawing of laptop with InfoHawk on screen

  • Books (electronic and print)
  • Scholarly Journal Articles (electronic and print) 
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Audio/Visual materials (DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray, Records, VHS, and Streaming)
  • Archival Collections from our Special Collections

Finding Scholarly Articles with InfoHawk+

This video demonstrates how to search for and access eBooks and scholarly journal articles using InfoHawk+.

Information Clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the video will allow you to jump to specific content.

Search Scope

There are different search scope options in InfoHawk+ which will affect your search results. Click through the slides to better understand your different search options in InfoHawk+.

Key Takeaways

  • InfoHawk+ is a really BIG resource with all types of materials.
  • Get access to hundreds of thousands of scholarly articles.
  • It is your way to see and request books we have in the collection.
  • Keep in mind your search scope, because this will drastically change your results (i.e. "Library Catalogs" will not include the extra hundreds of thousands of articles from our databases).
  • Use InfoHawk+ to get ideas and add a bit of serendipity to your never know what you may find! 

Video Demos