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Leigh Hunt Collections: Guide to the Brewer- Leigh Hunt Collection

Guide to books, manuscripts, ephemera, and writings related to Leigh Hunt

This page is an archived collection description from 2004.

While the content remains useful, the descriptions may not reflect recent scholarship. Please contact Special Collections with any questions.

English and American Literature Collections

Books at Iowa Articles Relating To Leigh Hunt

From 1964 to 1996, Books at Iowa, issued twice a year and sent to the Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries, described collections and acquisitions on a wide range of subjects.


Books at Iowa 1 (1964): 4-10.

Brewer, Luther A. "Leigh Hunt Association Books." 


Books at Iowa 3 (1965): 10-14.

Barnes, Warner. "Leigh Hunt's Letters in The Luther Brewer Collection: Plans for a New Edition.


Books at Iowa 4 (1966): 36-38.

Brack, O. M. Jr. "Lord Byron, Leigh Hunt and The Liberal: Some New Evidence." 


Books at Iowa 18 (1973): 18-25.

Haight, Gordon S. "Letters From George Henry Lewes To Richard Hengist Horne." 


Books at Iowa 23 (1975): 3-10.

Blainey, Ann. "The Courtship of Marianne Hunt." 


Books at Iowa 25 (1976): 34-44.

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Cheney, David R. "Leigh Hunt Sued for Debt by a Friend.


Books at Iowa 34 (1981): 9-14.

Blainey, Ann. "The Wit in the Dungeon: Leigh Hunt in Surrey Gaol." 


Books at Iowa 40 (1984):  

Leigh-Hunt, Desmond, "Leigh Hunt’s New World Forebears."

Blainey, Ann, "A Portrait of Leigh Hunt." 

Thompson, James R., '“Mild Singing Clothes”: The Poetry of Leigh Hunt.'  

Cheney, David R., "Leigh Hunt, Essayist." 

Smith, David Q., "Genius and Common Sense: The Romantics and Leigh Hunt."


Books at Iowa 45 (1986): 50-61.

Cheney, David R. "Leigh Hunt and the Dashwood Annuity.


Collection Guide

Resources for Hunt at Iowa:

The Brewer-Leigh Hunt Collection is a comprehensive gathering of books and manuscripts by and about English writer James Henry Leigh Hunt (1784-1859). The collection is nearly complete in first and subsequent editions of books by Hunt. There are also presentation copies, association copies, periodicals edited by Hunt, as well as his contributions to journals, the published writing his friends, and other volumes, plus manuscripts and letters by, or associated with, Hunt. The core of the collection was purchased from the estate of Luther A. Brewer (1853-1933), a Cedar Rapids publisher (The Torch Press), in 1934, and since that time resources have been added as they have become available.  In recent years this has been made possible by a generous bequest from Desmond and Mary Bruce Leight-Hunt.

Overview of the Brewer-Leigh Hunt Collection:

• Frank Hanlin gives a succinct overview that serves as a nice introduction to the collection and its history.


• Search for books by Hunt in the library catalog, Infohawk+. Search tip: Once you search for Leigh Hunt choose "Library" in the tabs on the left and limit to "Special Collections."

Note: There are not yet complete records for Leigh Hunt's manuscripts, correspondence, and ephemera in the library catalog. Please see below for means of accessing them most effectively.


• The collection includes over 200 manuscripts. A catalogue of 169 manuscripts in the collection, including brief descriptions, as well as a 2010 addendum to the catalogue is available in Special Collections. Contact to access the manuscripts.


• Correspondence in the collection includes nearly 1,600 letters to, from, or pertaining to Leigh Hunt. In 2007, the department was awarded funding from the Delmas Foundation to digitize this correspondence.  Please see the project homepage, Leigh Hunt Letters.


Ephemera, illustrations, and photographs:

• A small collection of ephemera related to Hunt, including photographs of portraits and former houses, bookplates, and other sketches and silhouettes of the Hunt family and friends. (See tab).

• Included here is also a listing of materials compiled by collection of ephemera, donated to the Libraries between 1988 and 1990. Present within the collection are handwritten notes, typewritten and handwritten transcripts, clippings, and holograph copies of letters and manuscript fragments.

Books at Iowa articles about Leigh Hunt and the collection:

• A list of articles published in Books at Iowa from 1964 -1996. The full text of each article is available in Iowa Research Online, and they are listed to the left on this page.

Articles about Luther Brewer:

• For a biographical essay on Luther Brewer, see Robert McCown, “Luther A. Brewer,” in American Book Collectors and Bibliographers (Second Series), edited by Joseph Rosenblum, volume 187 of Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale Research, 1997), p12-16.

Related collections:

• Papers of publisher John Murray (1778-1843) to John Wilson Croker

• Keats, Leigh Hunt & Shelley [microform]: manuscripts from the Additional, Ashley, Egerton and Zweig collections at the British Library(Marlborough: Adam Matthew, 2006). Main Media Services 29998. Guide to reel contents available online: