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Music Education: Meetings & Symposia

Turabian: Citing Symposia and Proceedings
Symposium contribution (APA 7.04.36)

Reference List -----

Contributor, A. A. (year, month). Title of contribution. In Title of Symposium.
     Symposium conducted at [details of hosting and location].

Bresler, L. (2005, April). What musicianship can teach educational research. In the Fourth International
     Conference for Research in Music Education
. Symposium conducted at the University of Exeter,
     Exeter, United Kingdom.

Proceedings published in book form (APA 7.04.39)

Reference List -----

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of paper. In Author A. A., Author B. B.,
     Author C. C. (Eds.), Title of  work (pp. xxx-xxx). doi:##########.

Rosevear, J. C. (2011). Self-concept and music: making waves in education. In Making Sound Waves:
     diversity, unity, equity 
(pp. 113-117).