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Finding Articles

Search Tips

To search for a phrase, place it in quotation marks.


"united states" 
"symphony orchestra"
"marriage of figaro"
"rite of spring"


To search for variants of a words, use wildcards.

To vary a single letter in the middle of a word, use the question mark [?]

tr?mpet* = trumpet and trompete

To catch variant spellings of a person's name, use the tilde [~]

Rachmaninoff~ = Rachmaninov, Rachmaninof, etc.

To allow for variant endings of a word, use the asterisk [*]

accompan* = accompaniment, accompanist, accompany, etc.)

To retrieve results that include ALL of your search terms, use AND. 

band AND orchestra

To retrieve results that include any of your search terms, use OR. 

"high schools" OR "secondary schools" 

To eliminate results that contain a term, use NOT.

choral NOT chorale

4. To write a highly focused search string, use AND, NOT, OR, and parentheses (and a few other search techniques).

(band* OR orchestra*) AND ("high schools" OR "secondary schools") AND rehearsal* NOT choir*

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