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More Tips for Finding Tests and Measures

There is no single place to search for all tests that have ever been created because tests vary so much in format, subject, and publication status. Here are your key options.

  • Search PsycTESTS: A database that includes the full-text of psychological tests that have been published in scholarly articles and books. The citation/abstract will provide you with information about the tests and permissions/copyright.
  • Browse tests/inventories/measures at Blommers catalog: The Paul Blommers Measurement Resources Library has test manuals with copies of tests.
  • Search for articles with tests at PsychInfo: Sometimes authors of a journal article will describe a scale/measure that they either used or created for their research. It is helpful to use the keyword "append*" when you type in words for your search.
  • Search for tests in online dissertations: Tests, measures, and questionnaires are often included in the appendix of a dissertation. Type any combination of keywords with the words test, measure, or instrument for your search.

Paul Blommers Measurement Resources Library

The Paul Blommers Measurement Resources Library provides resources and services to support the teaching and research needs of faculty, staff, and students of the University of Iowa, primarily serving the College of Education.

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