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Japanese Theater and Drama: Bunraku/Jōruri

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Cross Gender Studies Guide by Setsuko Noguchi at UIUC includes Kabuki, Noh/Kyogen, Bunraku, Takarazuka, etc. sections.

Also try search LibGuides Community site for more guides created by librarians everywhere!

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Bunraku Call Numbers and Subject Headings

Call Numbers

  • PL738.J6         Japanese literature -- History -- Jōruri. Sekkyōbushi.
  • PL768.J6         Japanese literature -- Collections -- Jōruri. Sekkyōbushi. Also check individual authors' call numbers for .
  • PN1978.J3      Puppet theater in Japan

Subject Headings

  • Bunraku: Here are entered works on the traditional style professional puppet theater of Japan which features chanted text, musical accompaniment, and the three man operation of each puppet.
  • Bunraku puppets
  • Jōruri—Texts: Used for Bunraku plays and Jōruri puppet plays.
  • Puppet plays, Japanese

Japananese language resources are in the East Asian Collection on the 2nd floor and English language resources are on the 5th floor. To check out DVDs in the Media Collection, go to the Reference/Information Desk on the 1st floor.

OCLC WorldCat

WorldCat Restricted Resource: A bibliographic database of over 62,000,000 records from over 2,000 libraries around the world.

If you are looking for the information about specific repertoire, try searching OCLC WorldCat in addition to InfoHawk and SmartSearch. Sometimes bibliographic records in WorldCat include more detailed table of contents.

Bunraku Videos in Media Servives and Online (English)

Bunraku. Princton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c2002. Main Media Collection Video record 14299 DVD

Bunraku: The Classical Puppets of Japan (Creative Arts Television, 1973) 28:39 mins (From Theatre in Video) Icon

The lovers’ exile. Main Media Collection Video record 35169 DVD

Shinpan utazaimon = A new broadside ballad.  新版歌祭文. In Japanese with optional Japanese and English subtitlesMain Media Collection Video record 37552 DVD

Meido no hikyaku = The courier for hell.  冥途の飛脚. In Japanese with optional Japanese and English subtitles. Main Media Collection Video record 37551 DVD

Natsumatsuri Naniwa kagami = A midsummer night’s murder.  夏祭浪花鑑. In Japanese with optional Japanese and English subtitles. Main Media Collection Video record 38770 DVD



Full-length Performance  通し狂言

Yoshitsune senbon-zakura = Yoshitsune and the thousand cherry trees.  義経千本桜. In Japanese with optional Japanese and English subtitles. Main Media Collection Video record 38769 DVD

Kanadehon Chūshingura = Treasury of loyal retainers.  仮名手本忠臣蔵.  In Japanese with optional Japanese and English subtitles. Main Media Collection Video record 37499 DVD

Bunraku Videos in Media Servives and Online (Japanese)

Full-length Performance  通し狂言 

Imoseyama onna teikin = Mt. Imo and Mt. Se : an exemplary tale of womanly virtue. 妹背山婦女庭訓.  Main Media Collection Video record 37550 DVD & Audio record 37932 CD 

Books in English

Books in Japanese

Iwanami kōza. Kabuki bunraku /  岩波講座. 歌舞伎・文楽 Main Japanese Collection PN2924.5.K3 I93 1997

Bunraku and Pop Culture

Subject Guide

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