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JapanKnowledge Icon includes number of reference sources that will be useful for researching Japanese theater and drama. To name a few, it includes...

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Other Guides

Cross Gender Studies Guide by Setsuko Noguchi at UIUC includes Kabuki, Noh/Kyogen, Bunraku, Takarazuka, etc. sections.

Also try search LibGuides Community site for more guides created by librarians everywhere!

Video Databases


Reference Sources

Videos in Media Services Collection and Online

Theater in Japan: Yesterday and Today (Films For The Humanities & Sciences, 1989) 51:24 mins (From Theatre in Video) Icon

Dancing: Dance Centerstage by John Hill (composer), Raoul Trujillo, directed by Dunlop, Geoff (ArtHaus Musik) 58:45 mins. Ballet and kabuki. (From Dance in Video) Icon

Dancing: Dance at the Court by John Hill (composer), Raoul Trujillo (ArtHaus Musik) 59:03 mins (From Dance in Video) Icon

Dream Girls , by Longinotto Kim, in Under the Sun (British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1994) 48 minutes. 宝塚 (From Ethbographic Video Online) Icon

NHK映像マップ みちしる (In Japanese) Video clips featuring regional culture are gathered from NHK Archives and made available online. The site includes Performing Arts and Music cellection.


Asian Theatre Journal:  Available both in print and via Literature Online, Project Muse, and JSTOR. Check the coverage in each database.

Monumenta Nipponica: Available both in print and via Project Muse and JSTOR . Check the coverage in each database.  Its website includes subject index with  Drama Studies and Drama Translations sections.

Books in English

Subject Guide

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